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House of Fraser (Stores) Ltd
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House of Fraser is a well known department store and are UK leading retailers of designer fashion brands. With over 50 stores around the UK this was a great place for me to enter the world of IT after graduation. Although House of Fraser is not exactly one of my clients, it was my employer for the past ten years (1996-2006) so it would be foolish to not have a page dedicated to the work I carried out for them.

My first five years at HOF were spent learning the basics from how to build a computer, take it apart and troubleshoot hardware problems. Reinstalling crashed operating systems, rolling out thousands of software and hardware upgrades to over 1,000 users, over multiple locations. Email and Internet were only buzzwords back then but soon we'd come to realise just how big a part they would play in our loves at work and at home.

After surviving the millennium bug I became skilled in fixing page setup issues in MS Word, circular references in MS Excel, running networks and how to tell when someone was lying about having spilled coffee on their keyboard. Well that bit was easy... turning it upside down! Then came windows 2000, followed by the long awaited XP. But after cleaning the fluff out of my hundredth mouse, enough was enough and I jumped at the chance for a position on the web team.

No more answering support calls day in day out. Now was the chance to be creative and learn some programming languages and have the whole world see the end result on the company web site at www.houseoffraser.co.uk. Marvellous.

Using tools like Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Inter Dev and Dreamweaver I was soon building web solutions for Intranets, Extranets and the Internet Site. Concentrating mostly on Microsoft technologies I became familiar with SQL Server, ASP and VB Script. JavaScript and Image manipulation were also my strong points.

My skills in MS Access databases was common knowledge so colleagues always came to me for help there. Coupled with a knack for meeting and talking to people without getting too technical allowed me to communicate with all levels of the business and it was only a few years before being promoted to Senior Web Developer.

Senior Web Developer Role and Responsibilities

My role a Senior Web Developer meant that I was solely responsible for managing the entire House of Fraser public Internet Site. Design is not my forte so HOF outsourced the revamping to a third party which I managed very well, ensuring they had everything they required to build our solution on time and within budget.

One year we outsourced yet another large project to start selling Christmas hampers online. The project rolled on for months when two weeks before the date we had to start taking orders my director told me that I had to build my own solution as the third party had let us down. Rising to the challenge I did the impossible and built and entire online shop from scratch and we went live on time. This earned me some serious pats on the back from my managers, employee of the month award and a rather nice pay rise to go with it.

May main duties were:

. Ensuring that all sites were up and running.
. Making sure that content was accurate and updated regularly.
. Managing the SQL server databases, backups and synchronisations across sites.
. Developing back office sites for staff to manage content (news, store info).
. Analysing and reporting on statistics to the directors.
. Creating banner advertisements for third party sites.

I received my award for ten years service in June 2006 and shortly after took an opportunity to travel the world for nine months. House of Fraser could not hold my job and were taken over shortly after I left so alls well that ends well.

Fresh back from travelling and very excited about starting my own IT consultancy. So here you are, reading my web site so I hope I've convinced you that I might well be able to help you with your IT requirements. If not, its been a pleasure having you visit my site.

House of Fraser Web Site

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Jonathan continues to deliver excellent results. He is very responsive to the needs of the business generally and to Marketing in particular, utilising his well developed organisational skills to ensure timely delivery of all projects. Jonathan's work is always accurate and delivered to a high standard with minimum supervision.

Jonathan's methodical attention to detail was invaluable in ensuring the Venda-based Web Store fulfilled business requirements whilst ensuring accurate product details and optimised, homogenous images. Jonathan developed a contingency site to support the sale of Hampers and Flowers in a very tight timeframe. 25% of all Christmas Internet sales were taken over the contingency site. An excellent job.

Jonathan's ability to deliver solutions very effectively and quickly, such as the B2B pages and the contingency Web Store, and his obliging, supportive nature continue to earn him appreciation and respect.

Simon Graves
House of Fraser